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Rory McElwee

Managing Director

My name is Rory McElwee and I am the proud Owner/Director of the Brisbane based M1 IT Systems. I am passionate about my business and I’m driven to add value to our clients through targeted I.T solutions that exceed expectation.
My I.T career began in my teenage years as I became obsessed with everything internet related, with web development being my greatest interest. This turned into an amazing opportunity to work as a developer in the ITS department at the University of Queensland where I worked on the University’s many Intranet sites. While in this role I further expanded my skill set into Windows applications and database administration.

My path then lead to the world of I.T Support and Management int the form of a full time role as the I.T Manager of a prominent QLD based multi-national printing company. While working in this role I managed my first large scale cloud deployment, covering staff in Australia, Vietnam and Malaysia. I also took the lead in developing a number of bespoke software applications, most notably the ‘Securasite’ Visitor Management System. I was subsequently contracted by the Brisbane Airport Corporation to adapt the software to suit the specific requirements of Australian Aviation Security, and have since delivered the solution to a number of Australian Airports and Aviation authorities.